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Breeze Industries is proud to continue offering the same great pet dryers
produced by Lange in the past. We still service the "Lange" line of dryers
but have changed the name of the new dryers to "Gallo-Winds"

The "Gallo-Winds" Series Forced Air - Pet Dryers

Model Motors Speeds Hose Outlets Power
A. Model 60 2 High-Low 1 262cfm/14amps
B. Model 60FT 2 High-Low 1 262cfm/14amps
C. Model 40-3 3 High-Low 3 390cfm/19.5amps
D. Model 60-2 2 High-Low 2 262cfm/14amps
E. Model 38 2 High-Low 1 262cfm/14amps
F. Model 80-2 3 High-Low 2 390cfm/19.5amps

All of our Gallo-Winds pet dryers come with a conditional 2 Year Warranty
as well as a Hose for each outlet, Reducer Nozzles and a Cage Bracket
for Cage Drying. Click on the Model Numbers below for more information.

Standard Accessories furnished with most Pet Dryer purchase...

8ft. Hose

Cage Bracket

Reducer Nozzle

Click on the individual dryer models below for more information...
Model 38 Model 40-3 Model 60 Model 60-2 Model 60 FT Model 80



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