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Introducing the New and Improved three-stage filter system for
all models of Lange and Gallo-Winds forced air dryers.

These filters are designed to optimize cleaner air flow to the motors thus enhancing
the life of the motor brushes and motors themselves. These filters are included in
all the Gallo-Winds models and are recommended as a replacement on all older
model Lange dryers. They are constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame with
a rubber gasket around the frame for a snug fit in all the Lange/Gallo-Winds models.
The system comprises of two filters enclosed in the frame itself and a heavy carbon
fiber pad that tucks into the perimeter of the outer frame. The outer carbon pad is the
only part of filter that will ever need/should to be cleaned.

Note: Please remember that the performance life of a dryer is based on the
quality of three things: The motor quality itself, brush maintenance and percentage
of air flow across the motors.

Don't Forget to Keep Those Filters Clean !!!





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